Inside every organization is a driving force

a sense of purpose, so compelling that it will move customers and employees to action.

This force

is your brand.

It is what

you stand for.

It is what

sets you apart.

We can’t invent your brand. It’s not a slogan or an ad campaign. It’s a living thing – the net result of behavior. What we can do is help you discover your sense of direction and focus your message so that your brand becomes distinct and valued. We help people build brands that matter.

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Cheerios “Gracie” Graces the Super Bowl

Michelle Nielsen

We’re not usually big fans of Super Bowl commercials. All the hype. All the expense. All the guesswork as to whether or not it has a lasting business or brand impact.

However, what we are fans of are examples of …

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Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.24.25 AM

A decade and going strong…

Elizabeth Talerman

A decade in, it is fantastic to see Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign continue to resonate and evolve; to see the campaign influence culture and help to redefine beauty.

The new “selfie” film is the latest in the brand’s efforts to …

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Talerman Birthday


Elizabeth Talerman

Today I turn 50.  It is the first birthday I’ve had where my age and my sense of self are completely out of sync.

Don’t get me wrong, I am awed by the wisdom and experienced I’ve gathered.  I feel …

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Pope Benedict Resigns

Keeping the Faith

Elizabeth Talerman

We’ve been pondering religion and branding this week and the more we debate and read, the more they seem, to us, to be nearly indistinguishable.

The power of religion and its correlation to laws of branding has been discussed by many …

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Purina Pro Plan – Brand Behavior from ‘Good to Great’

Michelle Nielsen

We’re big pet lovers at Nucleus. Our various furry friends are our beloved companions on many a walk, cuddle on the couch, and late nights of deck writing. We always tune-in, or at least DVR, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog …

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